Agency On Aging Nutrition Contract Tabled By Commissioners

headquartered in West Newton (Westmoreland County) included increased costs for several different meals and delivery during various hours, ranging from about $3-43 each. General Manager Lee Markosky said Nutrition, Inc. has operated a kitchen in Manor Township since January 2002 and explained what led to those cost increases. Food prices, fuel prices we deliver all the meals to the consumers in Armstrong County, so theres van costs, theres fuel costs, theres labor cost, additional health insurance costs, property taxes go up, we all know what food has cost the last few years: that causes the increases, Markosky said.
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3 Nutrition Myths Debunked

Many manufacturers who produce “natural” products to improve your health aren’t always qualified to do so, and if you’re opting for a natural remedy for whatever ails you, you might want to think twice. Keep in mind that some “natural” dietary supplements are not benign and can actually interact with other meds you might be taking or might even derail your running performance due to possible side effects. At the end of the day, more research is needed, and funding is not available to analyze every “natural” product. Remember: Just because that supplement or snack food claims to be natural doesn’t mean it’s going to boost your health and performance! Coffee is evil and will dehydrate you: Myth Thank goodness this one isn’t true. While in large doses, caffeine can have a diuretic effect, a 2002 study by the researcher Armstrong (and colleagues) showed that despite its mild diuretic effect, caffeine does not dehydrate.
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Nutrition a “desperately neglected” aspect of mother and baby health

Professor Alex Milton

Professor Black, who is the editor and leading author of the influential Lancet series on Maternal and Child Nutrition, said: Nutrition is a desperately neglected aspect of maternal, newborn, and child health. The reasons for this neglect are understandable but not justifiable. The World Health Organisation (WH) estimates that two-thirds of the nearly seven million child deaths in developing countries each year are directly caused by infectious diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria and that undernutrition contributes to 45 per cent of these deaths. Professor Black spoke about his research into the interventions to reduce undernutrition in mothers and young children.
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